Thursday, 24 May 2007

Want to kiss in public? Take out the tissue paper.

How do you encourage your children while they are still very young not to mis-use paper? "Don't throw" and "Can recycle", are often heard commands from me. I also encouraged them to scribble on the blank side of junk mails or newsletters instead of the message pad I have by the phone.

When we eat out, we share a tissue paper to wipe our mouths. The magic words I use is, "Kiss, Mummy", as I passed the tissue paper I have just used around and they will gladly obliged. When they were younger, they use to fight over who get to do it first.

There are rules in this exercise that they have to adhere to. No blowing your nose into the tissue until all lips have been wiped.

Mean or what? I don't care as daddy can get away with kissing mummy in public, by means of a used tissue paper.


chinneeq said...

we normally share i piece of tissue tearing it into 2 pieces (for 2 ply)

PrettyMommie said...

What a catchy title...btw, good idea of sharing the tissue among the family members.