Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Cheap and broken? Before you trash it....

What do you do with something cheap that is broken? Pick up this idea from me. I decided to use it to teach my little girl the art of craft and saving.

This is a hanger I bought with a bundle of 2 other items at a total cost of RM10.00. It is broken near where the hook is. If I do not do anything about it, the other end of the plastic will break anytime soon, rendering it useless.

By looping a chopstick that I no longer use with some raffia strings under the broken frame,...

I managed to craft it back to shape and action.

As my daughter watched me do it, she asked me why I do not want to buy a new one to replace it. I replied that I would rather use the money saved to buy her latest request aka demand, for a CJ7 plush toy.

I cannot think of a better way to inspire my daughter to think before she trash what is cheap and broken. Can you?

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