Saturday, 17 May 2008

Green Efforts = Green Kids

I have just discovered a new incentive to continue with my efforts on writing about keeping the environment green. It has influenced my children to go green and here is their idea for saving bath water to wash their school shoes.

Before you take your shower, place a stool with holes on it over a small pail in your bathroom. Position them so that the sprays of water from the shower will hit it when you turn the water on.

Stand on top of the stool before turning the water on to bathe. Once the little pail of water is full, pour it into a bigger container.

For children who would like to try this at home, test the idea out with one of your parents around to ensure safety. Find a stool with a larger surface area and make sure that it can withstand your weight. The surface must not be smooth and slippery. It must also not be too high that you will hurt yourself should you slip and fall. Stand on the stool only when you are ready to shower and not when you are applying soap.

I would like to see this idea commercially incorporated into floors of bathroom in future homes. The water saved can also be used for washing floors.


DailyPatNews said...

I save the water from the last wash of the cloths rinsing to flush toilet, which my hubby says i'm crazy.... hahaha

Nancy Poh said...

I am glad you will able to tell your husband that there are crazier people out there.

DailyPatNews said...

its great to know u n family r so environmentally concious.... but yeah, i hvnt reach tat stage of craziness.

I'm just doing little here n there... but seriously u need family members that are supportive...

driving one car to work, reusing mineral water bottle for planting, keeping boxes for future use,etc.