Saturday, 31 May 2008

Useful wares. Save time and money.

Here is another "1 More Need Less" kitchen ware to look out for.

This is a grating tool that came with a cook pot my husband bought me.

It is also supplied with a ring that is large enough to sit on top of the cooking pot.

Place the grating tool onto the ring and you have incorporated a steaming function for the pot.

This is great for steaming, fish or meat or heating up leftover rice or dishes when I am stewing a dish or brewing my soup in the pot. I also like to use it to boil my eggs. To do that, place the eggs in an empty bowl and put that on top of the steaming rack. And no, you do not pour water into the bowl. Steaming the eggs this way, they will not crack and you do not have to worry about water boiling out of the pot.

This is one of the covers for this pot. It has a suction handle for its top that can be removed. With the handle removed, I can use it as a mixing bowl. It is also large enough for me to use it as a container for washing my vegetables or serve food in it.

I am able to keep my food warm by placing it on top of the cover. Of course, your food must be in a covered container to prevent flies from getting to them before you do.

So, the next time my friends ask me how I managed to find time to write blogs, I think I will send this link to them. That way, we can do the "1 More Need Less" together.

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