Friday, 30 May 2008

Give me a plastic makeover

I am so miserable. All I get is bad publicity. So, I take a very long time to disintegrate but, hey, who has to tolerate that stench in the landfill? I am not looking forward to that! I wish you can perk me up.

That is exactly what I need. A breath of life. Fresh air. I wish you can do the same for my pals.

Right on! You put me in the mood for a Samba.

I wish I can have someone to Samba with.

Have you realised that we have cheered you up just as much while you work in your kitchen?

I wish you can put all my friends to use and tell your friends about it.

Do you know that there is a process to make plastic lumbar product out of us which is 10 times harder? Cambridge Resource Recovery Centre is working on the process. In fact, a Professor Alka Zadgaonkar has managed to make cheap fuel out of us.

We could make you rich one day. Just hang on to us. The time will come when we will be more sought after than our paper friends.

Note: Place your bottle of sauces in cut off bottoms of mineral water bottle or unwanted covers. This way, when the sauces dripped out, it will not stain your kitchen table. Less cleaning = save time and water.

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