Thursday, 22 May 2008

When zero waste is not acceptable.

Rubber hair bands and hair ties found in local markets and beauty salons in Dongguan and Guangzhou cities in southern Guangdong province are selling very well because they are colourful and cheap.

How are they able to produce them at such low cost to sell ten pieces at 25 fen? Let us take a look at the material used.

Can you figure what the centre piece of pink material is?

It is actually used condoms that could still contain bacteria and viruses, such, as, AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases! You definitely do not want to hold such hair bands or ties in your mouth, which is what we normally do while tying our hair.

This is not the kind of abundance from abandoned that I would encourage. It does amaze me that there are people who are willing to put someone's life in danger to make a quick buck.

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