Saturday, 31 May 2008

It's a nice day for...

"It's a nice day for weeding".

That did not get me the response I have expected from my children as they went off to see their weekend kids' programme on TV.

I should have said, "Let's build a secret hiding place". With "The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian", still fresh in my daughter's mind, she was keen to be involved when she saw me digging a hole in the garden.

I told her to dig it big enough for a plastic pot that came with a plant I bought and went off to do my indoor chores. Not too long after, the older brother joined in the fun.

"It's ready! It's ready!", they shouted, very keen to see the outcome of this project.

I put the pot into the hole and decided that the hole is not deep enough and it's top will show above the ground surface. So, I placed garden stones around the hole.

So, what is the purpose of this hiding place? They wanted to know.

"Now, Mummy, has a place to dump dried leaves and weeds removed from the garden."

And to make it less of an eye sore, I placed a pot of plant over the pot.

It is a mini compost bin for a mini garden.

I have a lot more of these plastic pots and I am sure I will not have any problem getting them to dig more secret hiding spots. It should be fun for the kids, when it's time to count the worms.

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