Sunday, 15 June 2008

Did I throw the sauce? Of course not!

Did I throw away the sauce after removing that layer of oil? Of course not! Leave the bowl of sauce in room temperature for a while and...

...this is what you will get. A soup base.

I think leftover sauce is a very good way to wean my children off eating instant noodle. When I use it to cook 3 packets of instant noodle, I use only half of one packet of the flavouring sauce provided. I am sure you have heard that flavouring sauces supplied with instant noodles are high in sodium and MSG ( monosodium glutamate). These are food additives and preservatives that I do not want my children to overload themselves with.

Also, try to cook instant noodle the way I cook it, by first boiling the noodle in a pot of water. Remove the noodle once it has soften enough. Leave the pot of water to cool and you should be able to collect some oil and...

...according to Health2Know, wax off its surface. So, do not use this pot of water for soup. Discard it.

Boil the sauce and add whatever leftover meat you have from your leftover dish.

Once the sauce starts boiling add part of a packet of flavouring sauce to taste before you add the noodle. Let it boil first before adding an egg. Add greens if you have them and the noodle is ready to be served.

I can hear you asked, "Use half a packet of its flavouring sauce for 3 packets of noodle? Wouldn't it taste bland?"

I will leave it to Callie to answer that question.

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