Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Protest or gain support? What's your take?

While some like to protest about things they are not happy about, there are others who try to gain support.

In India there is a group of people collecting used plastic bags that are polluting their environment. They found support in RagBag, a company that sells the fashionable bags and organizers they are able to craft out of the plastic bags.

According to BidNetwork, the company is doing so well that they are looking for more suppliers to meet their sales demand. In fact RagBag has gone as far as South-Africa, Cameroon and Brazil in their search for suppliers.

Other than used plastic bags, RagBag is also selling bags made out of material woven out of old cotton sari.

So, it is no wonder that "European Business Awards for the Environment" named it the winner of "The International Cooperation Award".

Instead of protesting about plastic bags polluting their countries, some people living in slums managed to earn a decent living, while a company managed to start a global business and win awards, through the innovative designs by young European and Indian designers.

What's your take? Start a group collecting used plastic bags in your own country?

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