Monday, 16 June 2008

Mopping? Read my savings tips first.

The twins are due soon. They are not mine but my friend's and I am sure that she will love these savings ideas I have to ease her household chores once her family of 3 shoots up to 5 members. You should be interested too because you can also reduce some wastage in your home.

Let's start with savings tips for mopping the floor. Would you believe it if I say that I can mop a floor space of 25m by 75m with half a pail of floor cleaning solution? And it is only about 3 quarter full.

To be able to do that, you need this kind of mop handle for...

...this kind of slip on mop.

To use it with ease, you need to drape over the mop, a laundry bag for washing your delicate clothings in washing machine or an old stocking. The zip on this laundry bag shown here is damaged. So,...

...instead of throwing it away, I slipped it on to the mop to reduce friction against the floor and ease movement of cleaning.

When you mop this way, the dust and dirt will clump up together,

...making it easier for you to push them together before you sweep it up into a dustpan with a broom.

When you use a broom, the dust will disperse as you sweep and settle elsewhere. In fact, you can see the finer dust stuck to the laundry bag in this picture.

Remove the laundry bag and the mop to wash. But don't wash them in the pail of cleaning solution. I usually wash them under running water. But if you are concern about wasting too much water in the process, use another pail of water for that.

For this write up, I have collected the running water I used each time I removed the dirty laundry bag and mop to wash. This is how much water I have used. Look at the murky colour and you will know that it is an effective way to mop the floor.

Also, as you can see, my pail of cleaning solution still looked as good to clean.

I usually use that to wash the bathroom.

Also, if you rinse your your mop and laundry bag properly, you can throw them into the washing machine to wash.

So, this is my tips for the day for:

1) saving water
2) saving cleaning solution
3) saving old laundry bag or stocking
4) saving energy because the mop is lighter and not as difficult to wrung
5) saving time handwashing the mop

You can also use this mop dry. That way it functions like a broom. However, make sure that you do not buy the type with broad base as it will be difficult to reach under low tables and cupboard to clean up.

And what do I do when the mop wears out on me?

I get a new one and use the old one for the kitchen. I don't bother sewing up the loose seams. Since I drape a laundry bag over the mop, it hangs on to the handle just fine.

Watch out for more shortcuts and green savings tips that I have up my sleeves in the next posting.


Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...changgih la u, always full of ideas!

Nancy Poh said...

Since I have been asked how I squeezed time to write blogs, I might as well put these tips in.