Sunday, 8 June 2008

Treasured Discards? Start a business.

Things your love ones have been keeping maybe be deemed “junk” to you but to them, they are stuff that they have been growing up with. Is there a figure you can fix on the price tag for things of sentimental value that will allow the keeper to gladly release them?

If they are trinkets, one can consider making gel candles with them embedded to keep as keepsakes. But what about the big items?

My uncle's house in Malacca is full of antiques and looking at the lifestyle of his children they are not likely to decorate all of them in their own homes. I remember driving pass a house in Singapore and I saw lots of beautiful old furniture placed outside the house. You may think that the owner has so much antiques that he has no place for them in the house. But then, it could be that his children do not appreciate them and have left them out of the house!

I have offered to write a blog for my uncle about his collections. I would like to write about his knowledge about them and the feeling and thoughts they awakened in him. I am sure that when my cousins are able to read his attachment to them, they will treasure his collections as much. A few generations down the road, these items may become national treasures.

Come to think of it, my uncle should consider selling some pieces of his collections, that his children will not be keen to hang on to. At least he will be assured that items sold will be well kept and appreciated.

So, maybe you should start looking at the stuff that you have been hoarding and see what you can do about them before they become discarded treasure, when you are no longer around.

Are there ways to make a living out of treasured discards that has no value to others to consider selling?

Watch out for the answer in my next posting.

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