Thursday, 12 June 2008

Brand? Make me stick to yours!

What is the factor that drives you to pick a particular brand? Other than taste, style, value for money or the status quo it brings, there is another factor that may have been overlooked. And that is the packaging the product came in.

Have you ever removed labels off milk cans or...

...cut out recipes from cereals boxes?

When the company continues it series of recipes or theme to collect, didn't you or your children continue buying that particular brand till you have a complete collection?

I remember when I was a young girl, my sisters and I used to collect very interesting pictures of animals, birds and fishes printed on the inside of labels from MilkMaid milk cans. It became an exciting hobby since we did not know what pictures to expect and we took very particular care not to tear them. The company also supplied a book with information about each subject and a blank space for us to stick each picture on. That should be about 40 years ago and my sister has held on to these collections.

Here is another packaging that I appreciate. It's Walls ice cream container. I like it because I can see through the container and know what I have stored in it. The best part about it is that the labels can be removed easily leaving no stains on the container. So, it is just like getting a free container that may have cost me RM4.90 at 100 Yen.

So, why didn't I remove the label on the cover? It is so that I can remember the brand and continue to collect these containers. And, learning from experience, I am going to write to Walls to request that they continue supplying their ice cream in this container.

So, what's on your packaging? Reduce waste! Make your consumers keep them.

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