Tuesday, 17 June 2008

When kids come visiting, be prepared!

I can imagine that a new mother with twins is bound to gain popularity overnight. Friends and relatives are most likely to visit with their children in tow to welcome the new babies. So, my idea today is to protect cushions from being stained by visiting children.

You should be interested in this tip too because it is going to help save cleaning time, water, make use of some treasured discards.

So, what do you need?

1) Lovely nice plastic bags you have been getting buying baby or adult clothings. Here is an example.

2) Lovely t-shirts that your children have outgrown. I love these souvenir t-shirts, bought by relatives while they were on holiday overseas. It is grand to think that they have thought about my children.

If you are expecting children to visit, slip your cushions...

...into the plastic bags.

Now slip the t-shirt over the plastic bag so that opening of the bag is at the side of the t-shirt.

The children will love it when they play with the cushions because of the sound the plastic bags will make. And if any of them, including yours, stained the cushion, just remove and replace the stained t-shirt with another.

It is easier to wash a t-shirt which you can throw into the washing machine than a cushion cover and the stain will not seep into the fillings of the cushions. It is more likely that you have to wash the whole set of cushion covers even if one has been stained. You do not want one piece to look obviously cleaner than the rest, do you?

It can also be a great conversation starter. Like, "Oh, you have been to Australia?" or "Check out this tactile cushion idea I created for my children".

Like this idea too? In that case you are going to like my next idea better. Just watch out for it in my next posting.


Mummy to QiQi said...

wow nancy, u r really filled with good idea yeah!!

Nancy Poh said...

Do you believe it if I say that my ideas come from time spent ironing?